My “new fileserver” project had been on hold for a bit what with moving house etc but now i’m moved i thought i’d give it another go!

The “brick wall” i’d previously hit was my supermicro sata expansion cards (AOC-SAT2-MV8) were being picked up by the highpoint rocket raid driver (hptrr) when in fact they should be handled by a different driver. After some searching i found information suggesting a full FreeNAS install would allow me to tweak the /boot/defaults/loader.conf (adding hptrr_load=”NO”) to get around this problem.

Unfortunately- that didn’t work! Some more research suggested i needed to recompile the FreeNAS kernel without the hptrr driver, but this is really a bit beyond my¬†expertise! So i kept searching!

Finally, i found another /boot/defaults/loader.conf suggestion (adding hw.hptrr.attach_generic=0) and voila- i was up and running!

So i added my disks (Disks|Management) and created my virtual device (Disks|ZFS|Pools|Virtual device), but when i add a pool and click apply i get an error: The changes could not be applied (error code 1). And in the log: cannot create zpool permission denied.

A final bit of googling reveals a command: sysctl -w kern.geom.debugflags=17 – finally i’m able to create my zpool :)

That’s all for now- i need to migrate some more of my network equipment before i can begin benchmarking etc.