Further to https://tickett.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/more-433mhz-rf-hacking/

I noticed some referral traffic coming from Erlands blog: http://fedmow349.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/hacking-433mhz-rf-link-home-automation.html

He used https://code.google.com/p/rc-switch/ on his arduino to receive/interpret the 433Mhz traffic and it works a treat for the cheapo PIR, door/window sensors, smoke alarms etc

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Here is a sample output from one of the door sensors. It quite rightly identifies the state 0/1/F of each jumper:

Decimal: 1398131 (24Bit) Binary: 000101010101010101110011 Tri-State: 0FFFFFFFF101 PulseLength: 525 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 16344,540,1560,544,1564,544,1560,1588,508,540,1568,1584,516,540,1564,1588,512,528,1576,1580,524,536,1576,1576,524,528,1584,1580,524,528,1584,1576,528,524,1588,1576,540,1572,544,1572,544,520,1604,520,1604,1572,544,1568,552,

I'm in the process of firing up a new Raspberry Pi DomitiGa server. I will use a JeeNode connected via USB Serial to receive 433Mhz traffic alongside 868Mhz JeeNode traffic. I guess I can probably get rid of my RFXCom 433Mhz transceiver now?