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At long last I found the time to get Gambas2 compiled and running on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Wheezy and DomotiGa (

Things were made extra hard by my determination to not expand the 2GB rootfs so I had to strip some stuff out- but it does mean you can restore to any SD card 2GB or larger.

SSH is enabled but I didn’t put vncserver on this time.

I didn’t document the process- but essentially kept trying to


gambas2 and each time an error came up I used to try and determine what I needed to install. Because of the lack of free space I had to wget and

dpkg –I

to install many of the packages- I couldn’t use


. I used

df –h

to check on free space as I went and

find / -type f -size +5000k

to find and remove large files (cache/docs etc).

Shell login: pi
Shell password: raspberry
Mysql root password: raspberry



Please let me know how you get on!


Arcade Cabinet Update

A quick train update…

Whilst gutting the cabs I collected last week I thought I’d try booting one that still contained most of it’s parts:

To my amazement it worked. There was a rather worrying hissing sound coming from the power supply unit but I proceeded none-the-less:

Several minutes later with a rather spectacular bang everything went black! I have dumped the hard drive to have a little look around at a later date:

I started playing with emulators and front ends- I think hyperspin is the one I want. Here’s a little sample video on my MacBook Pro:

I will most probably repurpose my old Acer Revo R3610 now it has been succeeded by one of my raspberry pis.

One of the controllers arrived:

Rather grubby:

But that was soon taken care of:

Watch this space.



As usual- I have far too many projects on the go, but here’s a sneak peak of one that’s currently edged to the top of "the list":

My intention is to try and fit:

  • At least one with a raspberry pi and some for of MAME style emulator and 2 sets of joystick/arcade controllers
  • At least one with a touchscreen running some form of SWP / itbox style pub quiz machine software (monopoly, bullseye, spot the difference etc)
  • Possibly one with a console xbox/playstation as I seem to recall having a fairly successful emulator disc with a ton of games already working without any real work required

Firstly I will be ripping the CRT screen / monitor out of them all, and all/most of the wiring. I have ordered a few different 19" 4:3 flat panel LCD monitors to try fitting, a few different video adapters and a few "arcade style" controllers I hope to be able to re-use. I have only opened one up so far and was pleasantly surprised how accessible everything was:

Also there appears to be a relatively common looking motherboard/hard-drive combination with relatively standard VGA ports etc- so I may even try hooking it up and see if the old thing has any life in it? No idea what operating system/software might be on there (I picked them up as non-working for parts).

There’s a thread on the Raspberry Pi forum I’ve been following: so hopefully it won’t be long before Raspbian has a nice compiled MAME binary and frontend. I have also been playing with some itbox style swp emulators and roms with quite a high level of success (unfortunately they appear to all be for winxp/7):

Who wants to be a millionaire. And:

Spot the difference :)

I eagerly await delivery of my various eBay purchases!


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