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New Virtual Lab – Part 2

…continued from https://tickett.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/new-virtual-lab-part-1/

So- in came the first set of bits for new server #1 and I begun piecing it together…

Issue #1- The motherboard doesn’t sit quite right on the spacers/chassis screws (because of the element of the cpu cooler which sits on the underside of the metherboard)- not really a problem, I just added a few washers (I expect I may’ve been able to find some slightly larger spacers too, if i’d looked hard enough).

Issue #2- My USB pen drive didn’t fit in the internal slot with the chassis together. Not to worry- i simply attached a header to the spare pins and plugged the USB stick into one of those ports still inside the case.

Issue #3- When i powered up the machine it was pretty loud. I checked and believe this to be because the Akasa cooler (AK-CCE-7107BS) only has a 3 pin header so doesn’t support pulse-width-modulation (PWM) and effectively runs at full speed all of the time! Fortunately the other cooler (Gelid Slim Silence IPlus Low Profile Intel CPU Cooler) had the correct 4 pin connector and when hooked up, supported PWM and ran nice and quiet!

Issue #4- I intend to run the server “headless” so one of the great features of the X8-SiL-F motherboard is the on-board IPMI. Unfortunately when i tried to connect with the default username/password “ADMIN” / “ADMIN” access was denied. I downloaded a copy of the latest firmware from the Supermicro site and flashed using:

dpupdate.exe -f SMT_SX_250.bin -r n

The -r n parameter telling it to reset to factory settings. Voila- I could now login via the web-interface or windows IPMI tool using the default login credentials (“ADMIN” / “ADMIN”).

ESXi 4.1 installed like a charm but i’ve had a little trouble trying to deploy my first Virtual Machine (ESXi management network losing connectivity and/or the hypervisor crashing)- I think this might be because i’m using old knackered network cables! I will replace them and hopefully update tomorrow in Part 3.

The 2nd of these servers is on route and hopefully be delivered before the weekend.

My next question is what virtual machines should i configure?

I definitely need a vCenter server
I definitely need at least one SQL server (possibly 2 or 3 as i’d like to experiment with replication)
I definitely need at least one web server (IIS)
I definitely want to get trixbox back up and running
I am considering experimenting with pfSense or possibly untangle?
I also need a local dns server but think that might best sit on physical hardware or i’ll get problems with the hypervisor being unable to query DNS before the VM has started?
My fileserver currently runs WHS2011- So I would also like a WHS2011 VM to test the “Drive Extender” replacements on (however I realize I can’t really test performance here so might have to give that a miss).
Also, i think that OSX Server might run on ESXi- and i’d quite like to have a proper (non-hacked) time machine backup store configured so this might be the right route to go down…


Hopefully this is the first of a number of trixbox how-tos. I have started with this one as i followed hundreds of guides, spent hours googling and tried hundreds of configurations until I eventually got it working. In the end it was relatively simple, i was actually trying to enter too much information!

  • Before we get started, if you haven’t already, forward port 5060 (TCP & UDP) on your router to your trixbox

    Configuring the SIP Trunk

  • Login to the maintenance area of your trixbox server
  • Under the basic heading on the left hand side, select trunks
  • Click add sip trunk
  • Enter your PSTN phone number assigned by sipgate in the “Outbound Caller ID” field
  • “Dial rules” can be configured how you like but a simple example would be 9|. (this will catch everything dialed starting with a 9 and send all the following digits to sipgate
  • Within “Outgoing Settings” enter “Trunk Name” something like sipgate
  • Then in “Peer Details”
  • allow=gsm&alaw&ulaw&g729&slinear
  • Now in the “Incoming Detials” enter your SIP-ID in the “User Context” field
  • Now, this is the important bit i kept getting wrong and all other instructions seemed to point in the wrong direction. Leave the “User Details” section completely blank!
  • And finally, in the “Register String” enter SIP-ID:SIP-PASSWORD@sipgate.co.uk/SIP-ID
  • Submit the changes and apply them

    Configuring the Outbound Route

  • Under the basic heading on the left hand side, select outbound routes
  • Click add route
  • Enter “Route Name” something like 9_sipgate
  • Now in “Dial Patterns” as before 9|.
  • And in “Trunk Sequence” select SIP/sipgate
  • Submit the changes and apply them

    Configuring the Inbound Route

  • Under the basic heading on the left hand side, select inbound routes
  • Click add route
  • In “DID Number” enter your SIP-ID
  • Then finally “Set Destination”. I’d suggest choosing extension and picking an extension of one of your SIP devices or a softphone
  • Submit the changes and apply them

    To check everything is working

  • Access the PBX status screen
  • Under Sip registry you should see sipgate.co.uk with state “Registered”
  • Under Sip peers you should see sipgate/SIP-ID with status “OK”
  • Dial your PSTN phone number assigned by sipgate from a PSTN phone- the extension you configured earlier should ring?
  • Dial 910000 from one of your SIP devices or a softphone- you should hear the “welcome to sipgate…” message?
  • Good luck! Comment if you have any questions or come across problems.

Hopefully in the how-tos to come:

  • Configuring voipbuster for free outbound calls with trixbox (process should be the same for voipcheap, voipstunt, voipdiscount, internetcalls, netappel, poivy, sparvoip, freecall, sipdiscount, webcalldirect, lowratevoip & probably others)
  • Configuring trixbox as a DHCP server
  • Flashing CISCO IP Phones with SIP firmware
  • Configuring/troubleshooting trixbox IVR setup



Damn- i’ve already got lazy and not been updating regularly as i told myself i would. A few bits i remember since last time…

-New fileserver arrived and i have now realised the 2 raid cards i have are useless (i need SATA non-raid cards) for ZFS with FreeNAS. Currently hunting on eBay for something else!
-My rack tft/lcd keyboard/mouse thing packed up- so i need to look for a new one of those too!
-LINQ to SQL: I got hooked a while back but didn’t like the way it interprets some manipulation and couldn’t cope with bulk updates. But now i figured i can simply do db.executecommand() i’m happy!
-I got trixbox working nicely with the Cisco Wireless 7920 IP Phone i bagged cheap off eBay (using SCCP):
setup static ip/dns (system-config-network)
create some extensions?
yum install asterisk16-devel gcc
yum update
wget Chan_SCCP V3.tar.gz
tar -zxvf Chan_SCCP…
make install
copy sccp.conf (from /root/Chan… to /etc/asterisk) + edit
edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf (add:
noload => skinny_sccp.so
load => chan_sccp.so

-Communicating between multiple forms in vb.NET: I was struggling to figure how to pass information to another form without storing it in a control. I ended up doing something like:
Public Class Form2
Dim edit_acct_row as Int32
Public Sub New(ByVal row_index As Int32)
edit_acct_row = row_index
End Sub

then calling the form like:
Dim f_pick_acct = New Form2(edit_acct_row)

-Checking/Ticking a checkbox in a DataGridView with vb.NET: When simply manipulating the dgv.rows(r).cells(c).value the state of the checkbox was not updating! I ended up having to:
Form1.dgv_preview.Rows(r).Cells(c).Value = True

-My Simpsons Kesha (Ke$ha) Tick Tock Intro Video on youtube has had over 10,000 hits! I’m not working on another video which will take quite some time but i hope will attract quite a lot of attention once complete :)

Wow- a lot squeezed into a small space + tons i’m sure i’ve learnt and forgotten!


Trixbox Working!

Finally got it working! From the CLI i did a system-config-network and set a static ip and pointed at my dns servers. Then did a service network restart. Voila!

I’ve installed X-Lite softphone on a few computers to test and have ordered a cheap second-hand wireless cisco ip phone to start playing with!


Trixbox Install Attempt #2

I had another attempt at installing Trixbox still a no go’er! Had a search around and there are a number of reported problems so i’m going to download and give that a try!

Fileserver Hunt

Why do all of them seem to only be available in the US? Still looking like Supermicro or Norco. I’ve also seen a few Rackable Systems servers which would be perfect. I’ve sent a few questions to eBayers to see if they can ship to the UK a bit cheaper than stated on the auctions.

I’m still undecided whether to go with FreeNAS, Openfiler or Windows Home Server (WHS) once i get the hardware? Also which RAID configuration (if any?).


Trixbox Install Attempt #1

Not much of an update, but i had a shot at installing Trixbox on a VM (xenserver) today. The first thing which struck me as odd- when it boots it says 2.xxxx despite me downloading the ISO for And secondly, i can’t login to the maintenance web gui (even after logging on to the console and resetting the maintenance password). Watch this space for if/when i suss it out!

Xenserver 5.6 Performance Issue

After a power outage i had to reboot my Xenserver and couldn’t believe how long it took to boot just 4 VMs. I did a bit of googling (as i recall hearing people having issues with 5.6)- initially to find lots of discussion about tcp offloading, but my issue was occuring during boot with little to no network activity. After further reading i found http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?messageID=1476873&tstart=0 – bingo! I’m running on a Dell Poweredge 2950 and found the cdrommon process using 99.9% cpu! I killed the process and everything’s full speed ahead (until i next reboot). So i went into the BIOS and disabled the cdrom drive. Problem solved.


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