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*EDIT* This project has been abandoned in favour of a much larger project home automation hub: which is now successfully logging data to pachube but still a long way to go!

I’ve been trying to find a Weather Station (only really interested in the temperature, wind speed, humidity, rainfall etc would all be bonuses but not necessities) which connects to the LAN so i can access the sensor information from my laptop/pc or office via the internet. My search didn’t come back with much:
-some reasonably priced USB devices but i don’t want to leave a computer connected to it 24/7
-some extortionatly priced network devices which look like they belong on a NASA space station

So i thought i’d take a look at what my options are on building something myself (how hard can it be?! :)

My first thought was- I need a networkable device with a web server that i can “customise” and a device which can bridge between the software and hardware. The devices i found which met these criteria:
-Router (w/ USB): Already runs a customisable o/s (sounds like DD-WRT or Open-WRT are ideal)
-USB Bit Whacker: Adds digital and analogue input/outputs to a computer via a standard USB port (and already proved to be connectable with DD/Open-WRT and

But after further research i stumbled across PIC WEB Server ( which appears to be a PIC board with an ethernet (rj45) connection and built-in tcp/ip stack and web-server.

Anyway- i still have a lot of research to do before i know exactly what i need to start building my device but i’ve ordered a PICKit3, some breadboards, PIC chips and various other components to start learning!

Been really busy with work- but here’s the result of a recent job!


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