I’ve been trying to suss this one for a while! Getting the watermark on the image was simple but getting it to position in the bottom right hand corner regardless of the image dimensions was a nightmare to crack!

1) Prepare your watermark
2) Open a sample image (we will apply the watermark to this image in order to record our action)
3) From the actions window select “New Action” (recording should begin automatically). Now do the following:
3.1) File -> Place: Select your watermark image and click Place
3.2) Set the new layers blending options (i chose blend mode: Linear Dodge, and opacity 70% – this seemed to work pretty well on dark and light images)
3.3a) Select -> All
3.3b) Layer -> Align Layers to Selection -> Bottom Edges
3.3c) Layer -> Align Layers to Selection -> Right Edges
4) Layer -> Flatten Image
5) Stop recording

That’s it! You can now apply your action to a single image or a batch from Bridge or File ->  Automate -> Batch within Photoshop.