I find it interesting to keep an eye on my blog stats. So as a close to 2011- let’s take a look…

This will be my 124th post. Posts are currently distributed between 4 categories (1 being "uncategorized"). I’m not enterely happy with the categories but I’m not intending to reorganise them anytime soon either.
The 124 posts have had 258 comments (and apparently 2,769 bits of spam which Akismet has cleverly filtered).
I am using 606 tags (more once this post is complete) and have uploaded 247 images totally 92.2 MB.

At a glance:

Referrers (not very accurate as googles various country specific search sites aren’t all grouped up there at the top- but you do get a rough indication):

Search Engines 6,929
forums.sdn.sap.com 644
hardforum.com 619
Google 583
mswhs.com 566
Facebook 339
en.wordpress.com 336
macpro.se 229
mediasmartserver.net/2011/05/05/guide-backing-up-your-mac-to-whs-2011-with-time-machine/ 155
youtube.com 128

Top pages:

Home page 11,211
Mac OS X Lion on ESXi 5 7,612
Crystal Reports 2011 Installation 5,691
FreeNAS / ZFS "Up & Running" 3,122
Automated Samba Time Machine Configuration Script 2,220

Top search phrases:

crystal reports 2011 338
ins00140 301
automator script whs2011 232
error: the changes could not be applied (error code 1). 230
crystal reports 2011 tutorial 202
async_exceptionoccurred 200
24 years at the tap end 196
uj240as firmware 165
esxi lion 118
iskeycodevalid.exe 112

Let’s hope I continue to find the enthusiasm to post through 2012.