A month back there was a special offer on a package comprising 2x Sonos Play 5 (or S5) and 1x Sonos Bridge- so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. After a rather painful wait for stock I finally took delivery of the units.

I have to admit I’m pretty impressed. Setup was an absolute breeze- all 3 devices in no more than 5 minutes. Within 15 minutes I’d updated the firmware on all the devices and tested most of the functionality.

As I’m trying to be conscious of my energy consumption I did a little analysis… The Sonos Play 5 uses approx 9W whilst idle, then between 14W (low volume) and 21W (full volume) whilst in use. I find the idle figure to be a little higher than I’d’ve hoped, but the active figure isn’t bad.

I have several issues with what I’m now left with:

1) Whilst I can stream to both S5 devices simultaneously, I cannot simultaneously stream the same source to my living room a/v equipment (onkyo amp). To address this drawback I’ve ordered a Sonos Connect (Zone Player or ZP90)
2) I cannot stream from my devices like I’m used to with airplay / appletv. I’m thinking of potential solutions for this… I could go from appletv -> amp -> connect but that’s a bit wasteful. I could also purchase 1 (or more) airport express devices but again, that seems rather wasteful. I read somewhere that Sonos released the API / documentation for streaming to their devices, so I guess I’m hoping there is already a better solution out there?

As always- I’ll do my best to keep you posted.