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Hopefully this is the first of a number of trixbox how-tos. I have started with this one as i followed hundreds of guides, spent hours googling and tried hundreds of configurations until I eventually got it working. In the end it was relatively simple, i was actually trying to enter too much information!

  • Before we get started, if you haven’t already, forward port 5060 (TCP & UDP) on your router to your trixbox

    Configuring the SIP Trunk

  • Login to the maintenance area of your trixbox server
  • Under the basic heading on the left hand side, select trunks
  • Click add sip trunk
  • Enter your PSTN phone number assigned by sipgate in the “Outbound Caller ID” field
  • “Dial rules” can be configured how you like but a simple example would be 9|. (this will catch everything dialed starting with a 9 and send all the following digits to sipgate
  • Within “Outgoing Settings” enter “Trunk Name” something like sipgate
  • Then in “Peer Details”
  • allow=gsm&alaw&ulaw&g729&slinear
  • Now in the “Incoming Detials” enter your SIP-ID in the “User Context” field
  • Now, this is the important bit i kept getting wrong and all other instructions seemed to point in the wrong direction. Leave the “User Details” section completely blank!
  • And finally, in the “Register String” enterĀ SIP-ID:SIP-PASSWORD@sipgate.co.uk/SIP-ID
  • Submit the changes and apply them

    Configuring the Outbound Route

  • Under the basic heading on the left hand side, select outbound routes
  • Click add route
  • Enter “Route Name” something like 9_sipgate
  • Now in “Dial Patterns” as beforeĀ 9|.
  • And in “Trunk Sequence” select SIP/sipgate
  • Submit the changes and apply them

    Configuring the Inbound Route

  • Under the basic heading on the left hand side, select inbound routes
  • Click add route
  • In “DID Number” enter your SIP-ID
  • Then finally “Set Destination”. I’d suggest choosing extension and picking an extension of one of your SIP devices or a softphone
  • Submit the changes and apply them

    To check everything is working

  • Access the PBX status screen
  • Under Sip registry you should see sipgate.co.uk with state “Registered”
  • Under Sip peers you should see sipgate/SIP-ID with status “OK”
  • Dial your PSTN phone number assigned by sipgate from a PSTN phone- the extension you configured earlier should ring?
  • Dial 910000 from one of your SIP devices or a softphone- you should hear the “welcome to sipgate…” message?
  • Good luck! Comment if you have any questions or come across problems.

Hopefully in the how-tos to come:

  • Configuring voipbuster for free outbound calls with trixbox (process should be the same for voipcheap, voipstunt, voipdiscount, internetcalls, netappel, poivy, sparvoip, freecall, sipdiscount, webcalldirect, lowratevoip & probably others)
  • Configuring trixbox as a DHCP server
  • Flashing CISCO IP Phones with SIP firmware
  • Configuring/troubleshooting trixbox IVR setup



Deliveries & New Fileserver


Got the fiber HBAs, SFPs and cables. Still waiting for the fiber router, wireless IP phone & the new fileserver bits detailed below :)

New Fileserver

Ended up going with a 3U Supermicro server w/ 2x Dual Core Opterons, 8Gb ram, 2x 8-Port LSI raid cards and 15x hot swap SATA bays. I’ve initially ordered 8x 1.5TB Samsung Ecogreen SATA disks to go in it.

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