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Fresh OSX Lion Installation

I’ve just got a new SSD for my MacBook Pro (official apple- toshiba 256GB) and decided to install OS X Lion and all my apps from scratch. This is basically a list of said apps for me to reflect on at a later date :)

OS X Lion
Citrix Receiver
Photoshop CS5
Office 2011

Not noticed many differences in Lion yet… other than the scrolling works in the opposite direction to previous version (two-finger down scrolls up and two-finger up scrolls down… seemed odd at first but got used to it before i even bothered finding the setting to change it!).


Microsoft SSRS (vs Crystal Reports)

I started using SSRS yesterday and am already growing to love it (i’ve been using Crystal Reports for about 3years!).

Top points to note so far:

-Dynamic sorting is handled within SSRS (requires manual work-around in Crystal Reports, although i believe a dynamic sort control is being delivered in Crystal Reports 2010)
-Dynamic grouping appears to be simpler
-Multiple datasets can be used within the same report (Crystal requires a single dataset per report/sub-report)
-Dynamic Parameters can have “complex” queries to return the list of values (CR only allows you to pick a field from the main report’s datasource)
-Parameter Default values can be calculated using a formula or SQL statement (this is a god send- allows you to default start/end dates for monthly reports for example to the 1st/last of the month- not possible in CR)
-Collapsable groupings (i’ve not used drill-down sub-reports in CR- these may offer “similar” functionality, but  i don’t think on the same level)

There’s more that i’ve forgotten or not yet realized :) I think a lot of it boils down to SSRS being part of Visual Studio and being able to harness a lot of it’s capabilities… that’s all for now.

On a different note: I finally jumped on the Skype bandwagon- search: leetickett


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