After my relative success with the AirCams last week ( I purchased some AirCam Domes to try out.

Initially when I unboxed them I was a little surprised/disappointed by a few things:

  1. There appears to be no mounting option other than "in a hole"
  2. The lens cover doesn’t seem very secure
  3. The position/orientation of the RJ45 ethernet jack seems to limit mounting options
  4. The lens can only be adjusted up/down (vertically) not left/right (horizontally) – this seems to be yet another indication that the Domes aren’t really meant to be wall-mounted
  5. You can simply unscrew the camera from the "nut", unplug the ethernet cable and walk off with the camera (equally easy with the AirCam)
  6. I’ve got my doubts as to how waterproof the unit is *EDIT* Oops- apparently i dreamt that this is suitable for outdoor use? :)

WHT from the Ubiquiti forum: suggested a solution for wall mounting the Dome by reversing the nut usually used to clamp the camera to a ceiling. I followed the advice and set off drilling 3 holes in the nut to mount it to the wall:

I then drilled 3 holes in the wall for the screws and one in the middle for the ethernet cable:

I mounted the nut, pulled an ethernet cable through and crimped an RJ45 connector on the end:

The camera wouldn’t screw back into the nut because it’d been slightly skewed by the screws. I backed them off a bit and it went on a treat. With the added bonus when I fastened the screws back up the camera was locked in place and couldn’t be unscrewed without easing the screws back off:

I may make some adjustments as ideally I’d like to look further left and lose a bit from the right:

I experienced some issues with the camera not registering properly with the NVR ("PREVIEW MODE. PLEASE ASSIGN TO NVR"):

But it seemed that the software had ground the server to a halt and a reboot seems to’ve fixed things for the moment. I’m still a little concerned at the number of processes running and the amount of CPU usage they’re consuming:

And that’s with only 2 cameras currently connected. I may try installing the software in linux later to see if it appears any more efficient.

I have a few more cameras to mount but they’re going to be a bit trickier (running the ethernet cables etc). I’ll update once I’ve found the time.