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I powered up a new ESX host and enabled passthrough. This got me a bit further:

I thought it had hung here but patience paid off and the installer booted:

Damn- the keyboard/mouse doesn’t work (the pointer was moving around but I couldn’t click anything). Again- patience paid off and eventually it automatically moved on to the next step:

No target disks were listed when I chose to "Reinstall OS X". I went in to Disk Utility to investigate:

Damn. I tried using both IDE and SCSI disks in ESX but neither appear.

No doubt I’ll try some other ideas at a later date. I have a feeling I need to replace a .kext file on the install disc.


No success unfortunately- although I’m not overly fussed about getting it to work- just fancied a try.

ESX 5:


Again, getting stuck on "Still waiting for root device".

This was mounting the iso or trying client dvd drive. I can’t take ESX offline at the moment to reboot and enable USB passthrough.

If I get an opportunity to bring my other ESX host up sometime I’ll give it another go.


Mountain Lion Install

Everything went pretty smoothly- although it took a little longer than expected (probably due to the external dvd drive I was installing from).

I referred back to an old post for a list of applications I needed to install https://tickett.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/fresh-osx-lion-installation/ – fortunately with my recently upgraded FTTC 80/20 broadband I was able to re-download all the free stuff in no time at all (ensuring that I had the latest versions).

A few little things I’ve noticed so far. File copy progress indicator in finder:

By default only packages from "identified developers" can be installed:

This is easily fixed in System Preferences, Security and privacy- unlock to allow changes then change "Allow applications downloaded from:" to "Anywhere":

One of the features I’d been waiting for- Airplay Mirroring:

That’s my 50" TV (top) about 10ft away then my 15" MacBook Pro (bottom) on my lap. It seems to work pretty well even playing 1080p video- unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any audio at the moment? Though a bit of googling highlighted a product called AirParrot which I might have to investigate.

The dictation feature seems to work pretty well too:

Although at the moment I think it relies on your caret being in the right place- I was quote hoping to be able to give it commands (Siri style)- a bit of a novelty maybe.

That’s about it for now. I might try installing on ESX later.

*EDIT* Now it would be nice to get some actual notifications in notification centre (gmail? outlook? facebook? imessage?)

Oh yeah- and software update is now part of the App Store.


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