Running power and network (conduit) to the garage- house side (hidden neatly behind the side gate):

Inside (currently running as a spur due to the location but will eventually run a direct line into the fusebox):

Garage side (armoured mains cable goes in the side and conduit submerged almost flash with the path):


Bare fusebox mounted with isolator, 6A (lighting) and 16A (mains) circuit breakers:

Armoured cable run into the fuse box and conduit coming out the top of the box (can barely see in the photo):

First socket kept high so as not to obstruct the rack which will sit directly below:

Light fixture in place but not yet cabled:

Second socket with conduit:

In process of feeding the cables through the conduit:

Socket wired:

Fusebox wired and secured:


The other wall:

Light cabled and bulb in place:

Wide angle (excuse the mess :)

Next up- migrating the servers out and rerunning the network around the house (I will probably use fiber to/from the garage but need to work out where to put which switches, poe etc)