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Ubiquiti AirVision Improvements

It’s great to see Ubiquiti appear to be working really hard on the AirVision software. Earlier today I upgraded to the latest versions of the AirVision (v1.1.0b4) and AirVision NVR (v1.0.9) software (see http://forum.ubnt.com/forumdisplay.php?f=70)

Further to my earlier post: https://tickett.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/home-security-cameras I’m sure there are a lot of new features but 3 I’ve instantly noticed and feel the need to shout about:

E-mail alerts (for motion and loss of camera/nvr connectivity):

New improved iPhone (potentially other but that’s all I have to test) interface:

Ability to save/export recordings:



Happy New Year

Just about to set off on what is set to be a mammoth night with the Kool Kids Klub @ the Sunrooms: https://www.facebook.com/events/295464730481459/

Been busy today:

Setting up the new D-Link switch DGS-1224TP: Well impressed with how it compares to the old Cisco / Linksys SGE2000P.

D-Link / Linksys
Weight: 3.4 Kg / 5.8 Kg
Power Consumption (idle): 24 W / 42 W
Depth: 21 cm / 37.5 cm

I think it’s quieter too but don’t have a way of measuring it!

Installing the new RAM in the file servers: both the HP Microservers (running WHS2011 and FreeNAS 8) now have the maximum 8 GB RAM.

Finishing my first iPhone app: It’s not pretty and it certainly won’t be submitted to the app store, but it serves a purpose!

Currently I have a handful of devices on my A/V cabinet in the living room all of which can be controlled with apps on my iPhone. Unfortunately the HDMI matrix which sends the signals around the house doesn’t have a remote app… it does now :)

Still tons to do… I really need to do all the structured cabling and mount the comms cabinet with the new switch before going back to the office next week but that’s somewhat optimistic.

Happy New Year!


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