It was delivered a few days back but i had no idea what the management interface IP address was to get going!

I found my USB-to-Serial cable and serial console cable and tried to connect- the best i got was some corrupt looking characters scrolling across hyperterminal. After a bit of a googling i found which helped me to start getting readable output with settings:

9600 baud
8 bits
no parity
one stop bit

But i couldn’t enter commands (like a read only connection). At first i thought it could’ve been my cable but eventually sussed it. There was one setting which wasn’t mentioned on experts-exchange: the “flow control” setting. Changing this to Xon\Xoff fixed everything!

I logged in with default username admin/password and issued the commands to determine the current management interface IP and change it:


I’ve not really had time to get it all up and running with the servers etc, but wanted to post before i forgot how i got it working!