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Home Automation Progress

An update since last week.

I decided I’d like to keep my CurrentCost netsmart pro posting electricity consumption data to pachube so spliced into the cable to see if I could pickup on the serial data using my home automation hub without disrupting communication between the enviR (CC128) and the bridge.

Taking the leftmost pin of the two connectors with the notch/clip facing downwards the pins are joined as so:

RJ45 -> RJ11
1 -> 1 (Yellow)
4 -> 2 (White)
7 -> 3 (Blue)
8 -> (White)

Rather annoying that they used white for 2 of the cores! On my USB serial cable for the enviR the pinout was as so:

4 (Red) -> Spliced into White (pin2)
7 (Green) -> Spliced into Blue
8 (Yellow) -> Spliced into White (pin8)

After hooking the bridge, enviR and usb up to the laptop I could see data coming in over through the serial port- voila!

I punched the CurrentCost details into the hah web interface:

Then configured the extra data streams to pachube:

Just waiting for a few hours for some data but it appears to be flowing in nicely:

<eeml xmlns="http://www.eeml.org/xsd/005"xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.eeml.org/xsd/005 http://www.eeml.org/xsd/005/005.xsd" version="5"><environment><data id="2"><tag>Light</tag><value>0.00</value></data><data id="3"><tag>Humidity</tag><value>0.00</value></data><data id="1"><tag>Temperature</tag><value>0.00</value></data><data id="13"><tag>CCIAM3</tag><value>44.00</value></data><data id="12"><tag>CCIAM2</tag><value>157.00</value></data><data id="11"><tag>CCIAM1</tag><value>5.00</value></data><data id="15"><tag>CCIAM5</tag><value>0.00</value></data><data id="14"><tag>CCIAM4</tag><value>82.00</value></data><data id="10"><tag>CCTotal</tag><value>415.00</value></data><data id="16"><tag>CCIAM6</tag><value>0.00</value></data></environment></eeml>

I took delivery of the two water meters today- just waiting for a friend to help me fit them and my additional jeenodes to arrives so I can get the data into the hah!

The crazy looking squid thing is the cheapest usb hub I could find to allow me to plug both the jeelink and currentcost enviR into the hah at the same time- hideous but does the job :)


Hacking Sky Anytime+ Part 2

*Update* Further investigation

See my previous post: https://tickett.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/hacking-sky-anytime/

I couldn’t help but start some investigating…

I installed WinPcap, Cain & EffeTech HTTP Sniffer in a virtual machine and got cracking

Firstly, I had to enable ARP poisoning in Cain

You can find your sky box’s ip address by pressing services -> 0 -> 6 from the sky remote
Add to the list then start APR
Now from EffeTech HTTP Sniffer configure then start sniffing

Cool- so it’s using plain ‘old HTTP…
I tried a few of the .jpg links and it worked aok: http://cdn.sky.com/60445/bsky_skymovies/BOX_COVER/bsky_skymovies-THUM0000000000071243-20110518154138.jpg (note here I tried from both a sky broadband connection and from a non-sky connection and both worked (does this suggest you may be able to use anytime+ without sky broadband? Hmm…)
Unfortunately when I tried the .nff or .oecm- In Google Chrome I get “Error 6, file not found” and in Internet Explorer/Firefox I get a prompt for credentials (which I can’t seem to decipher from the sniffer logs). I also tried spoofing the User-Agent but that didn’t seem to help either.

That’s about the limit of my investigative skills- so I’ll have to hope others will take it further.


*Update* See the result of some investigation, packet sniffing etc
*Update2* See further investigation 

I am curious and don’t think I’ve seen this discussed yet…

Sky’s relatively new product- Anytime+ allows us (sky broadband + tv customers) to download content direct to our sky box for later viewing (or on-demand if your internet connection is fast enough).
Sky Anytime+ Movies
The Sky box is connected to the network and assigned an IP address- the device then presumably connects to a server to download a list of available content and then upon request, the content itself. So I imagine we can use some form of packet sniffing to identify where the box is connecting to and what information is being transferred?

Could we then download this content from a pc? I expect the content being downloaded is encrypted and contained in .str files so maybe even if we could get the files on a pc we could open/view them.

What about the other direction? Redirect the box to connect to your server which returns a list of content on your network and allows you to view it? Again- I expect you’d need to convert to .str and each programme would be downloaded to the box, viewed and then deleted.

Intrigued- let me know if you have any thoughts on this!


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