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After moving from my home office to a real office I decided to downgrade my premium 80/20 business fttc connection (from claranet) to a residential 40/10 service from sky.

Yesterday, the connection was changed over and I found myself with no internet. I initially thought it was because the pppoe username and password needed updating (tail /var/log/messages was showing a CHAP authentication error message) but I don’t recall ever being sent a username/password. It was then I had a flashback to many years ago having to extract the details from a router/modem in order to use them in another device. A bit of googling backed this up, but also suggested the connection doesn’t use pppoe but MPoA and was going to be even more challenging to setup; http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/sky-broadband-fibre-help/51550-ubiquiti-edgerouter-lite.html

But this article was written in 2013, surely someone has documented the process more recently? Fortunately, before starting the long-winded process I stumbled across another aritcle; https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX/Sky-Fibre-DHCP-client-option-61/td-p/1172347. However, this seemed to point to needing a different modem (such as the Draytek Vigor 13) to achieve the MPoA connection.

Before I went and bought a new modem, I thought i’d try the BT Openreach/Huawei Echolife HG12. I deleted the pppoe interface from the Edgerouter and set the address on eth0 (connected to the modem) to DHCP. Still nothing… welll both of the previous articles did state the need to add the DHCP option; send dhcp-client-identifier "user|pass"; so I guess it’s time to unbox the Sky router and do some packet sniffing?

I must be in luck… 2 weeks ago, a post suggested you no longer need to use logon credentials, passing anything in the dhcp-client-identifier will do the trick. The example given was;

 client-option "send dhcp-client-identifier "bacons";"

So I gave it a try, but still no dice. Worth a reboot I guess? Power cycled the modem and voila, we have internet! Well, that was simpler than anticipated.


It was delivered a few days back but i had no idea what the management interface IP address was to get going!

I found my USB-to-Serial cable and serial console cable and tried to connect- the best i got was some corrupt looking characters scrolling across hyperterminal. After a bit of a googling i found http://www.experts-exchange.com/Storage/Storage_Technology/Q_26123627.html which helped me to start getting readable output with settings:

9600 baud
8 bits
no parity
one stop bit

But i couldn’t enter commands (like a read only connection). At first i thought it could’ve been my cable but eventually sussed it. There was one setting which wasn’t mentioned on experts-exchange: the “flow control” setting. Changing this to Xon\Xoff fixed everything!

I logged in with default username admin/password and issued the commands to determine the current management interface IP and change it:


I’ve not really had time to get it all up and running with the servers etc, but wanted to post before i forgot how i got it working!


Deliveries & New Fileserver


Got the fiber HBAs, SFPs and cables. Still waiting for the fiber router, wireless IP phone & the new fileserver bits detailed below :)

New Fileserver

Ended up going with a 3U Supermicro server w/ 2x Dual Core Opterons, 8Gb ram, 2x 8-Port LSI raid cards and 15x hot swap SATA bays. I’ve initially ordered 8x 1.5TB Samsung Ecogreen SATA disks to go in it.

Fiber Gear

Some of the fiber gear has arrived: (cables and, what i thought were NICs but are in fact HBAs- all part of the learning process!)

Not really much use till i get the fiber switch and new fileserver (i think i’ve picked the hardware which i’m going to get shipped from the US- still a lot cheaper than sourcing here in the UK). No idea for the operating system- whether to go with Windows Home Server, Freenas, Openfiler or something else? ZFS or hardware raid?

I’m also in the process of moving house, so all my gear will get re-racked then i can hopefully post some shots up!

P.S. Is it fiber or fibre?

P.P.S. I possibly saw the best Simpsons intro ever this afternoon so i’m going to try and cap it and post it up (there’s a few back-to-front poor quality versions on youtube…)


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