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New Router & Cisco IP Phones

Got the new router this morning: DrayTek Vigor 2830Vn. Seems like a nice, well built unit. Had it up and running with my Sky ADSL in no time and also test AOK with my T-Mobile 3G dongle. Unfortunately, it’s syncing at a slower speed because the Netgear DG834G I was using before had the DGTeam firmware which I’d tweaked to run with a 3dB SNR margin. I may have to have a rethink (continue to use the Netgear but in “modem” mode).

I also took delivery of 2 additional Cisco 7940 IP phones:

Once I receive the new comms cabinet and patch panel I’ll be getting a new trixbox install up and running to start playing with them.


Shopping List :)

A comms cabinet, patch panel and some patch leads:

Some cable management and wall sockets:

More cable management, UPS, new router, fibre, and cisco ip phones:

You may’ve also noticed the currentcost IAMs so I will be able to break down my energy consumption at a lower level (currently I can only see overall consumption).


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