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Fiber Gear

Some of the fiber gear has arrived: (cables and, what i thought were NICs but are in fact HBAs- all part of the learning process!)

Not really much use till i get the fiber switch and new fileserver (i think i’ve picked the hardware which i’m going to get shipped from the US- still a lot cheaper than sourcing here in the UK). No idea for the operating system- whether to go with Windows Home Server, Freenas, Openfiler or something else? ZFS or hardware raid?

I’m also in the process of moving house, so all my gear will get re-racked then i can hopefully post some shots up!

P.S. Is it fiber or fibre?

P.P.S. I possibly saw the best Simpsons intro ever this afternoon so i’m going to try and cap it and post it up (there’s a few back-to-front poor quality versions on youtube…)


Trixbox Install Attempt #1

Not much of an update, but i had a shot at installing Trixbox on a VM (xenserver) today. The first thing which struck me as odd- when it boots it says 2.xxxx despite me downloading the ISO for And secondly, i can’t login to the maintenance web gui (even after logging on to the console and resetting the maintenance password). Watch this space for if/when i suss it out!

Xenserver 5.6 Performance Issue

After a power outage i had to reboot my Xenserver and couldn’t believe how long it took to boot just 4 VMs. I did a bit of googling (as i recall hearing people having issues with 5.6)- initially to find lots of discussion about tcp offloading, but my issue was occuring during boot with little to no network activity. After further reading i found http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?messageID=1476873&tstart=0 – bingo! I’m running on a Dell Poweredge 2950 and found the cdrommon process using 99.9% cpu! I killed the process and everything’s full speed ahead (until i next reboot). So i went into the BIOS and disabled the cdrom drive. Problem solved.


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