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Shopping List :)

A comms cabinet, patch panel and some patch leads:

Some cable management and wall sockets:

More cable management, UPS, new router, fibre, and cisco ip phones:

You may’ve also noticed the currentcost IAMs so I will be able to break down my energy consumption at a lower level (currently I can only see overall consumption).


Further to my post earlier today i’ve found that Current Cost will shortly be offering IAMs (Individual Appliance Monitors) which look to start at around £15.00 (or in packs of 3, starting at £30) – http://www.electricity-monitor.com/wireless-energy-monitors-current-cost-c-37_57.html – with a maximum of 9 attached to a single EnviR. I really like the idea of trying to hook one of these up in each room then maybe have a dedicated one for the A/V cabinet, server rack, and maybe a few of the kitchen appliances?

I eagerly await delivery of the Current Cost Bridge so I can find out if it will indeed feed Google Powermeter and then see if it will pass details of the inidividual appliances or only the total.

I came across a few other sites that i’ll be doing quite a bit of reading on over the coming days:
http://www.smarthome.com/ – US store but hopefully i’ll find some products on there which are available over here or at least get me on the right track
http://john.crouchley.com/blog/archives/722 – Some info about hacking the Current Cost Bridge
http://john.crouchley.com/blog/archives/345 – Some info about hacking the Current Cost to read gas usage
http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/powermeter?hl=en – The Google Powermeter discussion/help forum

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