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Further to https://tickett.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/doh-it-doesnt-fit/

I was unable to find a replacement heatsink which would allow the Broadcom NIC to fit. I did however manage to replace the standard heatsink screws with these (12mm M3). I bought a pack of 100 from RS for a mere £1.52 (rs stock no 553-403);


You can see how much smaller they are than the stock screws;


Here it is fitted;


And the card fit;


Note that I added a bit of electrical tape to the end of the NIC to make 100% sure none of the components will short. As well as slotting a small sheet of paper between the card and the motherboard.

That’s better!

After discovering last night that my newly acquired Broadcom 57810A Dual Port 10Gb PCIE Copper (RJ45) Ethernet NICs didn’t fit my Supermicro AS-2022TG-HIBQRF, I was pleased to find they do fit my Supermicro AS-1042G-LTF.

And best of all, absolutely no setup/configuration was necessary. I simply powered down the host, replaced the NIC and powered back up. The ports automatically assigned the same as the NIC I removed.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 09.08.19

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