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I’m not sure that the firmware upgrades offer much but I found it extremely hard to locate them so I’ve mirrored what I’ve found so far:


My drive was running firmware 1.01 and I was successfully able to flash to 1.04 but haven’t been able to flash to 1.12 (I suspect I need to go to 1.0 first? Still hunting for more firmware (I have a feeling the drive is rebadged so it may help to find out which drive sites behind the badge).

Ideally I was searching for a way of overcoming the 1.6x bd-rom (blu-ray movie) riplock (I’m still ripping my blu-ray collection using MakeMKV and it’s taking forever!). Unfortunately Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE) http://ala42.cdfreaks.com/MCSE/ was unable to read/modify the firmware.

I’ll keep you posted if I find anything further!



I’ve collected quite a few Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs but recently moved over to using XBMC as my media center instead of Windows 7. XBMC doesn’t play from disc (due to some form of licensing issues) so I need the films all available on the network (not to mention for convenience).

I tried a few different applications (on both my pc and mac) and ended up with the following process to keep file size “reasonable” yet maintain optimum quality.

1. Rip: MakeMKV http://www.makemkv.com/ (open source, cross platform, brilliant application) -> Simply pick the main movie title, best quality audio track and any english subtitle tracks then go!

2. Encode Video: Handbrake http://handbrake.fr/ (open source, cross platform, brilliant application) -> Change output format to MKV, pick a target size (remember your audio track is likely to add a few GB later), tick 2 pass encoding, remove any audio tracks and subtitles, then queue/start!

3. Remux: MKVMerge¬†http://jonthn.free.fr/MKVtoolnix/ (open source, cross platform, brilliant application) -> First add your .mkv with encoded video to input files and tick only the video track and chapters, now add the original .mkv and tick the audio track and subtitles, start muxing and we’re done!


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