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Getting on really well with the AB IPBox 9900HD but feel I need something with a bit more grunt (and a bit more community support). I looking to order the Vu+ Duo or Clarke-Tech ET9000 (or potentially both) and play around with the latest ViX team image.

I will also need to order a new octo LNB and some more ccable for my dish so I can have all these boxes hooked up at the sametime :)

I’m a little tempted to try building my own linux pvr (using something like the acer revo r3610 which I’m currently using for xbmc) with a usb twin dvb-s2 tuner. Not only should this have a lot more power, it will be a lot smaller and save me using two separate devices for pvr + htpc!


Further to my earlier post getting the AB IPBox 900HD up and running with Sky+ HD: https://tickett.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/ab-ipbox-9900hd-with-sky-hd-uk/

I had a bit of trouble initializing a large HDD (320GB worked… 1.5TB didn’t) so here’s the workaround:

Telnet into the box and issue the following commands (make sure you replace the /dev/sda if fdisk –l identifies your drive with a different path and 1400GB with a figure slightly smaller than the size of your disk):

fdisk –l
fdisk /dev/sda
mkswap /dev/sda2
swapon /dev/sda2
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1

The mkfs.ext3 command formats the disk and will take quite a while on larger disks (there may be a quick format option but I wasn’t in a hurry)

Once the box has rebooted your HDD will be mounted at /hdd – you need to make a folder /hdd/movies reboot again and you’re good to go!


I started identifying all twin tuner DVB-S2 enigma2 satellite receivers:

Then opted to buy the cheapest i could find- AB IPBox 9900HD for £200 on eBay. If i can see myself completely dropping the Amstrad DRX890 i may invest in one of the more expensive receivers.

It took quite some time to get the hang of it- i got through a number of firmware images before finally settling on the SWF 3.8 (found on http://www.sat-world-forum.com)- this seemed most stable and to provide the best plugin/extension/emu/cam abilities.

I ran a scan and picked up all 1000+ channels but could only view the free to air ones… seems i need to configure a softcam to use the sky viewing card. I tried all of them not really knowing what i was doing but eventually pieced together bits of various guides to get oscam working with the following configuration files:

# oscam.conf
nice = -1
WaitForCards = 1
ClientTimeout = 5
CacheDelay = 120
logfile = /usr/local/etc/oscam.log

enabled = 1
au = 1
boxtype = ipbox
user = user
pmt_mode = 0
request_mode = 0

httpport = 16002
httpuser = root
httppwd = swf
httprefresh = 10
httpallowed =,

# oscam.server
label = SkyUK
Protocol = internal
detect = CD
device = /dev/sci0
Group = 1
EMMCache = 1,3,2
#BoxID = 001F1F1F
CAID = 0963
ident = 0963:000000

# oscam.client
user = user
pwd = password
group = 1
au = SkyUK
CAID = 0963

The HD channels didn’t work at first… but removing the BOXID=XXXXXXXX line from the oscam.server file fixed that!

Now i was ready to tidy up the channels- i found a bouquet on http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk (just search for sky uk channel bouquet. Then using DreamBoxEdit (http://sourceforge.net/projects/dreamboxedit/) open and upload to the IPBox (you will need to configure your box’s IP, ftp username/password in DreamBoxEdit- default username= root & password = swf)

The EPG wasn’t really showing a lot so i did a little research and it seems CrossEPG is recommended (available on http://crossepg.googlecode.com). It didn’t seem possible to download directly on the box so i ftp’ed it to /tmp and installed from the “setup -> software management -> install local extension” menu. After installation you need to reboot and can then access the CrossEPG setup menu- enable the OpenTV Sky UK (Astra2 on 28.2) provider and hit download. Your EPG should now be populated. I still don’t like the look of the EPG so need to do some more research!

Live TV can be streamed on the network easily using VLC media player and recorded programs can freely be moved around the network- love it!

Seemed to have a problem with network connectivity being lost a few times- restarting the network in the setup -> system -> network menu seemed to work but not too sure why it dropped yet…


Hacking Sky Anytime+ Part 4

Further to https://tickett.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/hacking-sky-anytime-part-3/

Despite the term “hacking” my intentions I believe to be pretty innocent, but at the risk of upsetting Sky (and their legal team- I am unfortunately going to have to put this one on hold…

I have done some more research and it looks like my best bet would be to buy something like a dreambox or vu+ duo which will allow me to use my legit Sky+ HD sub but recordings will be unencrypted (which means I can archive/stream on any computer on my network :) – it may even replace my htpc (ability to stream to the box from the network, youtube etc).

Hopefully I’ll be posting back if/when I’ve ordered/received and experimented with said device!


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