• Deploy vCenter Virtual Appliance
  • Configure static IP address, hostname etc
  • Check for & install updates (this took quite a while and the web interface appeared to hang, be patient)
  • Reboot
  • Launch & complete the setup wizard
  • Login to the web interface
  • Create a datacenter & cluster and add your hosts
  • Create vSphere Distributed Switch
  • *This is the step i’ve often missed which then causes loss of network connectivity. You then have to connect to the console (IPMI) and reset the host networking and start over!* : Edit the Distributed Port Group settings, under “Teaming and failover” move the uplink port(s) you intend to use to “Active uplinks”
  • Assign physical NICs to vDS
  • Migrate VMKernel  network adapters to vDS
  • *Assign SSL certificate (i’ve yet to do this, and imagine some detail will be required)

I have some additional hardware to setup. So will probably try and follow my own guide sometime in the coming weeks. I may add some screenshots and if it seems like any detail is missing.