PSTN / POTS -> Linksys SPA3102 -> Asterisk -> Raspberry Pi (DomotiGa) is now working! I’m not going in to details yet- but just felt the need for a little celebration after finally getting both incoming and outgoing calls landline calls hooked into my Asterisk box using a Linksys SPA3102. It’s all a bit hacked at the moment but my aim is ultimately to get everything working in a form of test/development environment then I can hopefully rebuild it all in a slightly more production environment.

You can see I haven’t configured caller id etc but it’s a start.

A few issues I want to note now so I don’t forget for next time:

-After a yum update the asterisk gui went a bit crazy (every time I moved to a new page I had to re-enter the username and password etc). This was fixed by executing: chown asterisk /var/lib/php/session from the command line (
-In order to get cdr logging to mysql I had to yum install asterisk-addons-mysql but that fails because of a conflict. I did a yum erase asterisk-res_digium_phone to resolve the conflict as I don’t need that package.

Not be a complete list, but I now have the following hooked in to DomotiGa:

-Call logging (via Asterisk)
-Power consumption (whole house and some individual appliances via CurrentCost EnviR)
-Gas consumption and environmental data (temperature, light, pressure, motion etc via jeelabs)
-xTrend / ClarkeTech ET9000 Enigma2 digital satelittle receiver (current channel, programme and recording status via custom shell script)
-Several PIR sensors (via RFXCom transceiver)

Unfortunately the 433Mhz window/door sensors I received earlier in the week don’t seem compatible with the RFXCom transceiver so I may have to try and find an alternative. I have still yet to order the 433Mhz smoke alarm(s) and find a suitable set of weighing scales.

Hopefully water consumption and hot water usage will be complete next week (just need some assistance fitting the meters). I need to spend some time getting a few other simple feeds in from my pfSense box, fileserver etc and ideally my Ubiquiti Aircams.