Busy, busy, busy- as always!

I’ve been experiencing intermittent issues with my website- which HostBig finally told me today was due to incorrect name server configuration. Thanks for telling me they’d changed!!! I’m thinking of moving providers- let me know if you have any recommendations- preferably UK based with "unlimited" space/bandwidth.

Since moving to the Clarke Tech / xTrend ET9000 with Vix I’ve been experiencing issues with the box not understanding there are two tuners available (failing when 2 recordings are scheduled at the same time, or trying to watch something whilst recording something else "No free tuner"). I think I may have finally cracked this- it appears going into the Setup -> Service Searching -> Satfinder menu, and locking each of the tuners the box now appreciates that both tuners are available- fingers crossed I won’t have any further issues!

I received an interesting comment on an old article about Microsoft SSRS (compared to Crystal Reports): https://tickett.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/microsoft-ssrs-vs-crystal-reports/ which has encouraged me to post an updated entry- watch this space. I’m still using both products quite a bit so have some new views/opinions.

I mentioned a few things I’ve been waiting on…

  • The scanner with Automatic Photo Feeder (APF)- HP ScanJet 5500C arrived but unfortunately didn’t work… so I’m still on the hunt!
  • The Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-LR was unable to be sourced by my supplier so the order has been cancelled :(
  • I’m still waiting on the Raspberry Pi :(
  • My new phone line was supposed to be installed this morning by BT in preparation for the cabinet going live with FTTC but some cabling issues underground mean excavation work needs to take place first- more delays!!!
  • I took the plunge and order the new Canon 5D Mark III, Speedlite 600EX-RT and Speedlite ST-E3-RT. The flashgun has been delivered but still waiting for the body and transmitter!
  • The new poles have arrived for mounting my Ubiquiti nanobridges- they seem a bit flimsy- but I’m hoping to do some experimenting this weekend.