Until a few months back I was a member of Experts-Exchange. I’ve found the site a great tool for those little problems you know countless others have encountered and could solve for me in a matter of seconds…. Anyway- this year I was thinking twice about renewing when I re-discovered Stack Exchange a very similar tool but this time at no cost. Stack Exchange has been invaluable in assisting me with a number of recent problems…

SUMIF with multiple criteria in Excel 2003

What I wanted to do seemed relatively straightforward and google threw up a lot of results but the majority of recommended solutions were for Excel 2007 and above. The remaining solutions simply didn’t seem to work?

Here’s the question/answer on Stack Overflow

In the below screenshot I was trying to sum all income for org_code (row 18) and month (column A).

It turned out I was making a few fundamental mistakes:

  • org_code is being held as a string in data table (the left-hand alignment helped Jesse spot this and point me in the right direction!
  • none of the possible solutions seem to like named ranges or evaluating entire columns (A1:A1000 works fine but A:A does not)

I’d like to find some more time to look at this (though unlikely I will). I should also have been able to use SUM and IF in an array formula too.

The working solution looks "something like"

Thanks Jesse!

ESXi problems

1) ESXi 5.0 relapsing to an old configuration on reboot

I’m still unsure what caused this but I did find that volumes weren’t mounting as expecting during the hypervisor boot process. Choosing recovery mode (shift-r) option during boot successfully solved the issue however.

2) Unable to power on ESXi 5.0 host from vSphere

Still a bit of a puzzle but the primary reason appears to’ve been that the host had to not only be managed to vCenter, but also had to be part of a "cluster". Once I created a cluster and moved the host into it I was able to place the physical machine into standby mode. Unfortunately, I still don’t appear to be able to power the host from an off state. If I make any further developments I will try and update this post.

Cat5e cable with cat6 connectors

There appears to be a lot of contradicting information online about the back-ward compatibility of cat6 connectors but from this experience I would have to rule that cat6 connectors are NOT backward compatible with cat5e cable. Question on Server Fault.

Let’s hope I continue to gain a lot from these sites!