Apparently I must be getting old- both my driving license and passport have expired. Being a photographer, you’d’ve thought it’d be pretty easy to take a photo for the new documents… apparently not! I got there in the end- let’s see if they accept the applications!

Anyway- a few little bits I’ve not had time to post so here goes…

A few weeks ago saw the last ever night at Dukes Genesis in Chelmsford, after 30 years! I have many memories from that place and i’m sure a lot of you do too! Here a couple of shots from the night.

Some of the team:

I’ll be back out snapping tomorrow for my Kool Kids residency at the Sunrooms: shocking to think how long since I took my first photo in a nightclub!

I’ll then heading up to Centre Parcs on Monday for a little holiday with a few mates- can’t wait to kick back and relax for a few days!

A few more updates on there way…