I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to try and create a script (if no-one beat me to it) to automate the process of configuring a samba share to be used with Time Machine. I’ve had a go…

Here is the automator script: http://www.tickett.net/downloads/setup_samba_for_time_machine.zip

There are still a few steps required but it removes the need to open the terminal and lookup your computer name, mac address etc

1. Mount your samba share
2. Right click the setup_samba_for_time_machine automator script (downloaded above) and select Open With, Automator Runner

3. Select your samba share mount point, click choose

4. Wait a minute and you should see a message similar to above. Now launch Time Machine and point at the samba share!

I’ve never used Automator before so I expect the script can be improved considerably… I expect there are currently a few limitations:

  • The .sparsebundle file must not already exist
  • Your computer name must not contain any spaces
  • Others?

I have also seen an error when trying to backup one of my Macs that the image isn’t big enough even though it is set to the same size as the hard disk drive? (Should we be making the .sparsebundle image larger than the hdd size?)

Feel free to modify the script and please feedback and changes/comments etc- I will most likely blog later about the way the script works (I found it quite hard using google to solve issues such as: How do I determine the size of the hard disk drive? How do I display a simple message/popup/dialog?)