Recently I’ve been having a few issues with my new MacBook Pro- doh! There’s a lot of talk online linking it to overheating issues with the cpu/gpu but the suggested workarounds haven’t helped. Yesterday I booted OSX using the 32bit kernel instead of the 64bit kernel (holding the 3 & 2 keys whilst powering on the mbp) and, fingers crossed, no problems since!

I have been running some intensive apps: handbrake, vlc with external monitor connected via displayport/hdmi etc and stressing the laptop and everything seems AOK!

I’ve posted my findings in a long discussion thread on the apple forum:

Some of the ways in which the freezing / hanging / crashing has manifested itself:
-laptop refusing to wake from sleep
-coloured wheel appearing and being unable to do anything
-extremely loud beeping coming from the system speaker I think?

Keep you posted.