Completely missed this! I had been waiting for the release of WHS2011 for my new fileserver, but hadn’t been regularly checking. Alas, I looked a few days ago and it has apparently been available on technet since 05/04/11 (en_server_install_disc_windows_home_server_2011_x64_dvd_658487.iso).

Unfortunately, I tried installing it and came across an error (which already appears to have been logged):

Annoyingly RC1 worked flawlessly so I’m not sure what has been added which is causing this error.

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to decide how I want to organise the drives once I get it up and running. I have a load of 1.5TB drives laying around but don’t think 6TB will be enough initially (including mirrored data/backups etc). I think if I get an additional 3TB drive I’ll be good to go:

Drive1 (1.5TB): Downloaded Applications, *Business Accounts, *Videos
Drive2 (1.5TB): *Movies
Drive3 (1.5TB): *Photos
Drive4 (3.0TB): Mirrors & Computer Backups

All of the items marked with * will be mirrored (initially this should be less than 3TB)

I will probably retry the installation in the next few days, although I expect the same result.