It’s been a long time coming, the last version was 2008. When Visual Studio 2010 started development and SAP released Crystal Reports 2010 for Visual Studio I was hopeful a new version was on the horizon- a long time has passed since then but finally Crystal Reports 2011 was released 03/05/11.

There seems to be very little new from what I’ve read but I will most likely still be trying it.

I can’t make much sense of the pricing:

UK Store- Full Version £500.25, Upgrade £310.50
US Store- Full Version $495 (£302), Upgrade $295 (£180)

Although I guess we should be used to companies trying to rip us off in the UK by now!

SAP / Business Objects Store:

Crystal Reports 2011 Release Notes:

Crystal Reports 2011 User Guide:

Hopefully I’ll be posting another update shortly.