Since hooking up my Current Cost Bridge last week the portal is nicely capturing and graphing data:

Unfortunately Google Powermeter appears to have gaps (whether this is a problem at their end or the Current Cost end I’m unsure). It seems a lot of others are reporting the same thing:

I’m still considering hacking the device to post to my own site/script(s) but until I have the time I’ll continue to use Current Cost & Google Powermeter. It would also be nice to see google capturing the temperature.

No news on stock of the individual appliance monitors yet either- and I have my doubts either Current Cost or Google will capture this data (which will further encourage me to hack the device with my own custom scripts). Similarly if/when I find a way to capture water/gas consumption.

Whilst doing some research I came across the Navetas Smart Hub which is in a completely different league. Follow the link to view demos/videos etc but what makes it stand out from the crowd in my eyes:

  • Ability to meter all utilities (Electric, Gas, Water)
  • Non-intrusive appliance monitoring (as I read it, the ability to determine how much energy each of your devices are using without having to hook them up to any form of individual appliance monitor- apparently this can be achieved as all devices have a form of unique signature)

I’d love to know more about this but it sounds like it’s only available through certain energy providers? I’ve sent Navetas a message, see if they get back to me.

I’ll try and keep you posted- but don’t be surprised if other projects take my focus away from this a little.