I resisted for a short while after the new MacBook Pro was released (feb 2011) but couldn’t resist when someone sent me a 15% off voucher for BestBuy. On top of this I already get 8% cashback through quidco and a further 1% through my egg credit card :)

I went for the 15″ core i7 2.2GHz (the 13″ is a bit small for some of the video/photo editing I do, but the 17″ is a little big for on the train etc). Unfortunately BestBuy don’t do the options (SSD, AntiGlare screen etc) but I ordered 8GB of ram direct from Crucial dirt cheap and a Kingston 128GB SSD from eBuyer which i’m going to put in place of the optical drive (I barely use cd/dvd these days- mostly blu-ray so i carry a slim USB external drive anyway).

I put my old 2008 MacBook Pro on eBay and dug the original receipt out- it’s dated almost exactly 3years ago (definitely the longest a computer has lasted me)- it sold for just over half the original price I paid (which went toward half of the new one :)

Anyway- so far, so good- and no doubt i’ll be blogging about the amazing performance boost I see when the SSD gets delivered.