After moving over to EON and getting a free Current Cost EnviR Black – The Smart-R Monitor i’ve hopefully become more aware of my power usage and, as a result become more “green”.

Their monitor is pretty good, giving current usage, previous 1day, previous 7days and previous 30days. But, in order to get a more detailed breakdown and analyze the data it is necessary to connect the monitor via USB to a pc and download the information. I want real-time access to the data without having to download it… and even more so, when i’m out of the house!

So after some research I found google (amongst the myriad of other services) offer a service: which provides some awesome features!

The google site offered a list of compatible devices/services and the CurrentCost device was listed! But as it only has a serial port for connecting to a PC I was curious how to get the data streaming directly to google? A bit of research and I found a bridging devices to connect directly to my router: Current Cost “Bridge” Device CCPMB – I’m not yet 100% sure whether it can be linked directly in to the google service or if a CurrentCost subscription is necessary but i’ve ordered the device and will update once it arrives!

Now a wonder if anything similar is available for gas/water etc? I guess the problem is metering the usage?