Trixbox Install Attempt #1

Not much of an update, but i had a shot at installing Trixbox on a VM (xenserver) today. The first thing which struck me as odd- when it boots it says 2.xxxx despite me downloading the ISO for And secondly, i can’t login to the maintenance web gui (even after logging on to the console and resetting the maintenance password). Watch this space for if/when i suss it out!

Xenserver 5.6 Performance Issue

After a power outage i had to reboot my Xenserver and couldn’t believe how long it took to boot just 4 VMs. I did a bit of googling (as i recall hearing people having issues with 5.6)- initially to find lots of discussion about tcp offloading, but my issue was occuring during boot with little to no network activity. After further reading i found – bingo! I’m running on a Dell Poweredge 2950 and found the cdrommon process using 99.9% cpu! I killed the process and everything’s full speed ahead (until i next reboot). So i went into the BIOS and disabled the cdrom drive. Problem solved.