I started a blog years back, but never disciplined myself into posting regularly- so let me try again! I have a few reasons for doing so:

1) To bore anyone who’s crazy enough to read :)
2) So i can look back to find solutions to problems i know i’ve encountered before (and hopefully others can too)

Here’s a list of some of the projects/bits i’m playing with/working on:

Virtualization (vmware & xenserver)
Network/system monitoring (currently trying spiceworks)
Software deployment/monitoring (currently trying microsoft systems center configuration manager (sccm))
VoIP (looking to try trixbox – an asterix derivative, not yet purchased any hardware)
New fileserver (looking at hardware and software- may lead to upgrading lab to fiber)
I’m sure there’s plenty more, but nothing that immediately springs to mind…

I spend most of time working with Crystal Reports and SQL server and vb.NET, so expect a lot of talk about them too!

When i’m not busy with the IT stuff i’m a freelance photographer & videographer so may post about that too.

Good day!